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Chapter 3: The Individual Mirror- Understanding Yourself

1. Imagine that you have a talking magic mirror like the one in the fairy tale.

You: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the best boss of them all?”

Choose the mirror’s response:

a) You’re the best boss of them all

b) Silence is golden, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself

c) A blank stare or rolling eyes

2. What is your vision for yourself as a leader? Take a few minutes to write a description of this vision.

3. Self-awareness is a critical step to identify your own shortcomings and recognize opportunities for improvement. The following questions will help you to ascertain how committed you are to engaging in self-work.

a. How much time will you commit to engaging in daily self-reflection?

b. How will you measure your progress? Who will be your accountability partner?

c. What questions will you ask yourself?

d. How soon will you start this exercise?

In addition to developing a regular practice of self-reflection, there are a number of online self-assessment tools that you can use to get a clearer view of your leadership and management style, challenges, and opportunities for growth. For example, The Leadership Practices Inventory (“LPI”) can help you measure your own leadership behaviors and guide you through the process of applying the “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” to the real-world organizational challenges you face.


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