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Chapter 2: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall- What We Can Learn When We Know Where to Look

Take another look at the list of feedback channels that are listed under the subsection Using Mirrors to Improve Leadership and Management Practice. Below, please list any additional feedback channels that you can think of:








Next, based on the list provided in the book and the list you have just generated, select the top three channels that are most applicable to your practice and determine how the use of differing types of mirrors could impact how you receive and interpret information from the various sources.

For instance, when you hear grumblings from patients, co-workers or colleagues, do you assume that source of feedback is like a fun-house mirror that distorts the situation? If you change your perspective and assume instead that the grumblings are more like a plane mirror that gives an accurate reflection, or a spherical mirror that allows you to see a situation up-close, can you instead learn something that helps you improve your practice?




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