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Concluding Thoughts About Managing the Mirrors

In a typical pediatric practice, as many as 20-30 children per provider may be seen each day. Each of these children will have at least one adult with them and perhaps even a sibling or two. As these people shuffle in and out of your practice, it is important to realize that they are the reason you have a job. Without them, there would be no need for a medical practice.

If physicians and practice managers want to provide the best possible care to patients, they cannot do it alone. A successful medical practice requires many different people, working as part of a team, to meet the needs of patients, and that team needs leadership. The entire philosophy I have presented in this book is the result of years of real-world experience, dating back to my childhood, when I observed my father in his practice. What is most clear to me is that effective leadership can be attained by:

● Managing Your Own Mirror for Self-Improvement

This is probably the most obvious benefit of using a mental mirror. It gives you an opportunity to objectively assess your current talents and aptitude as a manager and chart a course for growth.

● Managing Your Team’s Mirrors

This is critical so that you can provide feedback about the gap between the expectations placed upon your team and the realities of their job performance.

● Managing the Mirrors of the Practice

Ensuring that the people you hire onto the team are constantly reminded of the values that your practice embraces is critical. If a leader neglects the culture, the practice will surely fail. If the leader nurtures the culture, the practice will have success beyond the leader’s highest expectations.

As you continue your leadership journey, I hope the insights I have shared in this book provide you with practical tools and guidance to help you and your practice flourish.


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