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15% of the revenue from this book will go to support the Pediatric Practice Management Alliance (PPMA)


Paul Vanchiere shares his take on Customer Service:

"This is the book we all wish we had read in the first years of managing a practice - important and useful ideas that will help you understand the skills you need to lead. It's deceptively short but packed with information, anecdotes and theories that will help you communicate with your partners, managers, staff and patients about what is most important to the success of your practice. This is a book to share with your partners - the discussions and changes will improve the care of your patients and help you lead your practice to success."

-Nelson Branco, MD, FAAP
Tamalpais Pediatrics
Larkspur, CA

About The Book

Clinical skills only get you so far when you’re trying to run a successful medical practice: You must also be an effective manager and leader to bring out the best in your staff.
In this guide for medical practice leaders, the author draws on his experience in varied health care settings to help you:


1. See the blind spots and problems that limit your leadership and management potential;
2. Develop strategies to make necessary improvements to address those problems;
3. Engage in reflection to improve yourself, your staff, your practice, and most importantly, your patients’ overall experience.


Using a mirror analogy, the author urges medical practice leaders to see themselves and others objectively to assess where they stand. Mirrors give you the ability to make a realistic assessment of the effort it will take to reach a goal—and can help track progress.

Join the author as he shares lessons from managing medical practices and provides a detailed blueprint to fixing the problems right in front of you.

15% of the revenue from this book will go to support the Pediatric Practice Management Alliance (PPMA)

About The Author

Paul Vanchiere.jpg

PaulD. Vanchiere, MBA

With over 15 years of healthcare management and finance experience, Paul has worked with physicians specializing in pediatrics, cardiology and pathology practices. Combined with his experience working for a physician-owned health network and his involvement with physician practice acquisitions for the largest not-for-profit hospital network in Texas, Paul has a unique perspective on healthcare. He specializes in completing a comprehensive set of financial analyses, including practice cost, physician compensation, and managed care contract negotiations.


Paul founded the Pediatric Management Institute to provide an array of services for pediatric practices of all sizes and maturity, focusing on financial and operational issues. He is involved in a variety of advocacy efforts related to ensuring access to healthcare and education for children with special needs.


Paul is married to Laura Williamson Vanchiere, and they have three daughters, Anna Beth, Camille, and Ellie.

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